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An update! Of sorts! Some guy from a Flat Earth youtube channel checked the damage to Mad Mike's rocket and gave us a rundown of what Mike plans to do next:

For those of you who can't be bothered watching some guy rambling in a poorly shot video (or who don't want to give a flat earth guy the extra youtube hits) the gist is basically that the rocket sustained minor external damage and one of the crappy wheels that is intended to guide it along the framework when it launches got knocked out of alignment. Mad Mike Hughes left it in the town of Amboy for the week because he had to go back to work but he'll come back and get the rocket on Friday so he can take it home and fix it.

I'm betting that it'll probably stay at his house for quite some time, he doesn't seem to be in all that much of a rush any more.

Also there's not really any point in bringing the rocket back to Amboy because he still doesn't have permission from the Bureau of Land Management to launch it there.
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