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Default Dogging and side-boobs – are children’s books really bulging with filth?

Following the recent "controversy" in the UK over a background illustration in an early-reading series that apparently shows a group of men going dogging in some bushes, The Guardian has published this follow-up article with a nice summary of the various rude things that have supposedly (or really) been smuggled into children's literature in the past, including the Captain Pugwash myths:

The other classic “fact” of my teenage years was that the Captain Pugwash books, which I had loved as a kid, were filled with all manner of double entendre; we thought it was hilarious that we’d never noticed. The reason we hadn’t is that none of it was true: “Seaman Staines”, “Master Bates” and “Roger the Cabin Boy” were inventions of a 1970s student magazine, but the names became such common currency that John Ryan, creator of the Pugwash series, successfully sued for libel in the early 90s after two newspapers published the invention as fact.
(The original "controversy" mostly happened in this Twitter thread before it was spotted by journalists).

It also mentions the Christmas party joke episode of Rainbow, which is sometimes presented as though it had been a real broadcast episode.
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