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Ah. So you're not asking only whether there's been a surge in, say, overdose problems recently; but whether such surges have happened repeatedly historically, perhaps not involving the exact same versions of the drugs as the most recent one, but with an overall similar pattern.

That is an interesting question. I'd like to know the answer; but don't really have time to do the research. There have certainly recently been deaths in my area from overdoses, and they hit the paper, and there's lots of commotion about it -- but would they have hit the paper in 1950, or 1920, or 1890? and, even if well recorded, where would the records be?

It does seem to me that there's an essential tension between attempting to prevent people who would be harmed by such drugs from taking them, and allowing people in severe pain to have access to relief. There's sometimes such a tension in an individual case -- many drugs and other medical treatments, not only opoids, do both good and harm to the same person. I'd like to see it dealt with by the person affected and their doctors, not by the law; but of course not all doctors are dealing with it well, either.

ETA: The deaths in this area seem to in at least some cases to be caused, to some extent, by the fact that the drugs are illegal, and so are often adulterated and/or the user has no reliable way to tell how strong the dose is.

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