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Default Doppelgangers!

Originally Posted by Canuckistan View Post
Just saw this on a friend's FB page:

AWARE EVERYBODY... New type of hackers on FB. What they write is aggressive comments from you, and it's insulting. It's really nasty and it appears to come from you. You do not see it, but your friends do. One result of this can be that you will be deleted on your friends list. Just want to say, you get something that is offensive, malicious, vulgar, etc., it is ABSOLUTELY not from me . Please let Me know if this should happen... Copy this and put in your status
Sounds like a "Doppelganger" attack.

An unscrupulous individual who has access to your profile will create a copy of it. Same name, same picture, same details. Very easy to do. They then send friend requests to your existing friends. Many will just accept it, particularly if they are distant friends, like members of a sporting group or something. The criminal can then send abuse, ask for money or whatever using the Doppelganger account, or just use it to spawn other doppelgangers, until they hit a celebrity or something else of interest.

Only real defence is vigilant users; make sure before you agree to a request that it is really from the person represented. Facebook are quite responsive if you report a doppelganger, they get removed quickly.
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