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So Pink Tablet's school organized a trip to a STEM conference meant to introduce girls to sciences that are not traditionally women's fields. My daughter signed up for 4 classes, and while I thought some sounded great, I was a little disappointed that, for example, nursing and physical therapy were covered, but being a physician or surgeon weren't. But ok, whatever, I appreciate the attempt.

So my daughter gets her schedule this weekend, and her math, veterinary medicine, and graphic design choices have been replaced by earthquake preparedness, an empty break, and something called Ms. Smith. What?

But the real kicker was the back side of the paper. It's says "What to Wear" followed by the suggestion: "Comfortable and not sexy" followed by photos of Sears catalogue type photos of women in baggy slacks, low heals, long skirts, and boxy sweaters.

Why is a conference meant to empower women devoting an entire page to telling middle school girls not to look too attractive? And why is "earthquake preparedness" a part of a science and technology conference? Am I missing something?