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There's another point that this, and other 'religious' facts about Japan forget:

For all their "We are Japan, we do not change ever" attitude...they are magpie's of culture, much like the US, they absorb bits and pieces (which is why Japan and the US seem to have cultural love affairs with each other) and the same is true of their religions.

While many of the Japanese are officially "Shinto" Buddhists, they practice other religious ceremonies for big events in their life, including Christian style weddings complete with priest (and/or combining the two or having both a Buddhist and later a Christian wedding depending on how traditional the family, I know a young couple who had very strict traditionalist grandparents so they had a 'traditional' wedding that was for the older people and a more modern wedding for friends and co-workers).

The idea of banning one (or two or several) religions and cultures isn't really in line with their absorption of culture and traditions. Granted, they wouldn't treat it with the same respect and honor as they would their own (have you seen some of their santas?), but they would still use it and ignore the more serious aspects.

As for converts to religions, they're probably treated like most things forgin, interesting and second class, but not banned.

What gets me about these 'facts' are not just the insults to the culture maligned (Muslims) but also the insults to the Japanese (or Indian, or American, or whatever) culture it's trying to say is better. Every culture has faults, every religion has faults, but there is no need to insult both by making them better or worse than they really are. Learn to be accepting and open minded or learn to keep your mouth shut *grumpy face*

(A. Yes, I cannot spell forgin and Chrome is not telling me the correct version, please forgive me (and can someone give me the correct spelling so I can tell Chrome?), B. I am not Japanese nor do I live there, so I speak only from six years of cultural studies and several Japanese friends who have instructed me in great detail of life both traditional and modern for a book I was working on, there may be errors as I, unlike the list writer, do not claim all knowledge *grins*)
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