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I don't think the issue is in between. I think you just restated what I said, but regardless, I agree with you.

(Except that Oregon was literally arguing about the regulation of the practice of medicine as being within the states' purview, not about determining how a person dies. The issue in the case was literally whether a physician prescribing drugs that would end someone's life was engaging in a legitimate medical practice.)

I will say that while I think there is merit in running a country of this size with using a federal system, I don't think it's the only right way, or that there couldn't be a better way, but it is the system we have. I think some of the people who tout states' rights the loudest are also big American exceptionalists and people who believe that states' rights are god-given, etc. (Of course only the ones they like). It makes a bit of difference in the discourse.

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