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Originally Posted by firefighter_raven View Post
This was put out by the official printer for the SC secession congress sometime in late 1860/early 1861 and makes a very interesting read.
One of the really fascinating things (in an unnerving way) is that the author clearly doesn't mean "acquired by the common blood and common treasure of all" or "the common ancestors of all, both North and South" to include the slaves, who contributed rather more than their share of the blood and certainly the treasure of their labor.

It reminds me of a letter in an old farming magazine from shortly after WWII which I have somewhere around the house, referring to what had apparently been a discussion in the previous issue of the fact that black soldiers returned from the war were agitating for better access to the vote. The letter writer said, in I think these words though I don't have the magazine handy to check, that such matters should be left to the people of the states in question. It didn't appear to have occurred to him that the problem was exactly that many of the people of the states in question were being excluded from the decision: to the letter writer "the people" were clearly just the white ones.
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