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I like the OP's use of the word "lampooning" in relation to The Onion. That is perfect description of what they do. Other "satirical" rags go beyond this poking fun at current issues and delve into the realm of rumor mongering.

On our local forums one poster started posting articles from the National Report and The Daily Currant just to get a rise out of people and to point out that one should always verify the source and the story before believing it. Even after several other posters pointed out the source as being a "satire" site, posters would still say "I'm not sure if the OP is true but...".

Even after being told it is fake some people want to believe the nonsense. I would not mind if the satire kicked off a conversation about an issue, but many of these stories are so far from truth that any discussion is pure fantasy. In itself not a bad thing, but when others in the discussion take it seriously it can lead to some real problems (especially when one has a somewhat warped sense of humor that not everyone understands).

Not sure what the answer is. I hate to think of shutting down such sites. They have the right to be asshats. I just wish they would see that their satire is not satire at all, just rumors.
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