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Sheep Escaping sheep

Comment: In the UK (and perhaps elsewhere, but I live in the UK) there
have been reports in the media *for years* about sheep escaping from farms
by lying down and rolling over the cattle grids.

Listening to people talking about it yet again on the radio this morning
it struck me how often I'd heard the story yet I'd never seen any
pictures. I did a Google image search and found a few rather unconvincing
pictures - one was a dead sheep on a cattle grid, and there were several
unconvincing photoshopped efforts, and there were no videos. Then it
struck me that the whole thing was made up by farmers who had forgotten to
close gates and needed an explanation as to how their sheep had got into
people's gardens and fields and were eating things they shouldn't. It is
an engaging story and became a modern myth.

The BBC web site has news reports about sheep rolling over cattle grids if
you are looking into the matter. Of course, they don't have any video.
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