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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
According to Ford the standard Fiesta engine is the Duratec 1.6L (98ci) and it generates 120HP (1.22HP/ci). The 1L EcoBoost is an option.
You said:

Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
The EcoBoost engines vary in size. For the Fiesta (which is a lot smaller than a Camry or Accord) the standard engine is 1.6L (97ci) at 120HP, which gives 1.24HP/ci.
The EcoBoost engine is not the same as the Duratech engine. I was referring to the EcoBoost line of engines, not the older Duratech line of engines.

The 1L EcoBoost (123HP) is a turbocharged engine which is cheating.
All EcoBoost engines are turbocharged. So at least 1/3 of Ford vehicles* sold in 2012 have turbocharged engines.

The engines I quoted are fuel injected but not turbo's.
So basically your argument is that it is rare to see high performance out of engines that have low performance designs?

* Some of the engines may be for non-Ford uses, but the ratio of engines manufactured to vehicles sold is 1/3.
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