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Bang Head

I've been waiting for my wife to transfer some photos from her phone/facebook to somewhere I can access them to add a new pet post in the animal section but Murphy is apparently not done with us yet.

For my birthday a lil over a week ago, my wife and a family friend C (the one I puppysit her Klee Kai for and that got us our 3 legged Klee Kai) got me a 10 wk old Lab/Pit mix puppy( a recent rescue of the mom and her puppies) that is named Ashley. C said she picked her out because while the other pups were tugging at her pant leg, Ashley was just super snuggly.

And she does love to snuggle, dangerously smart (figured out C's pet door in about 10 minutes and only has to watch our dogs do something once to get it) and is an amusingly heavy sleeper- giving her the nickname Bump(on a log). It was a little early for me after the loss of Annie but she is just adorable.

This weekend she started getting very lethargic and just sleeping all day. She barely ate or drank to the point we were giving her water through a syringe, just in case, to make sure she didn't get dehydrated. When she was awake, she was rambunctious as hell. The dreaded P word was brought up (Parvo) and we took her to the vet.

They thought she might of just had a UTI and gave us some antibiotics for her. She almost immediately showed improvement wolfing down food, drinking water and being a puppy pain in the ass.

We got word today from the rescue that one of her litter mates was diagnosed with Parvo and wanted us to get a stool sample from Ashley to check. Which caused the amusing site of my wife stalking Ashley around the yard waiting for her to poop( the meds make her constipated so it can be a long wait) and Ashley trying to figure out why she is being followed by the strange lady with a plastic baggy.

Finally got the sample and our friend C took it to the vet on her way home. C just called and the vet confirmed that Ashley has Parvo. (the highlight being the rescue is covering the vet bills on this) So now we need to start her on meds for that.

But while my wife was at our vet, she checked on the shot cycle for our other 2 dogs and Trudy is due for normal shots in a few months and Julia is due for her rabies shot but overdue for Parvo. So now we have to worry about her getting it too.
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