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Comment: I would like to comment on an article you have on the Communist
Rules For Revolution. I attended Knox College from August 1973 through
June 1977. I found in their library on campus in a book called the
Humanist Manifesto II a copy of, "What Commies Said 56 Years Ago". I have
carried this in my Bible all these years. So this copy is roughly 38 years
old. It has all that is listed in this article on your page, except the
following is printed, "it was printed in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma,
Examiner-Enterprise." at the end it says," --Concrete (Wash.) Herald. This
is on now old paper and hand typed from a typewriter. I believe this to be
true. I find it hard to believe that something like this would surface 38
years plus and that what I have shown to numerous people all these years
is a hoax. Please reconsider your resources.
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