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Well she made it over a month. While getting up my dog suddenly started whimpering and limped over to me. We gave her another pain pill and tried to get her to get comfy. As she was laying down, next to my wife on the floor, she gave out a loud yelp and my wife said she felt something pop.

I had my wife get an ice pack and I laid down on the floor next to Annie to keep it in place. We called the vet and my wife took her in( being on the floor tweaked my back some more and didn't want her to wait for me to get dressed since Annie was already in the car). The vet determined it was time and my wife came to get me. I really hate going to our vet since this now makes the 3rd time I've been there for the loss of a pet in less then a year. I sat by her head and stroked her head while they did the injection.

As soon as I could pull it together enough to walk out, we left and I punched our car door a few times from anger/frustration. Once we got home, I just sat in my chair holding her collar bunched up in my hands staring at nothing. The other dogs just seem slightly confused that Annie is not here.

At least I got off the Lyrica last week since it was the source of my suicidal thoughts/apathy the last few weeks. The change in my mood is amazing and if wasn't for one of their stupid commercials, I might not have put 2+2 together. Going to post this now since my fingers are beginning to stiffen up.
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