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I'm still trying to wrap my head around the formulation of this.

If it said that if there were an 82% chance that, if you were 16, you had already met the person you would marry, then I would still think that it was highly questionable (most people don't marry in the U.S. until fairly late into their twenties, by which point they've already been through college and often moved somewhere away from where they grew up).

The "or older" gets me, though. That's obviously not the way that this would be formulated if it were a legitimate statistic. Obviously it's been copied and pasted so many times that the original version is going to be impossible to find, and even if it were based off of someone's sociological study, then it's been through the Internet version of the telephone game. The dating of that study, the location where it was conducted, and the original formulation of the statistic would be so lost that they could never be recovered.

More likely than not, though, it's just like the claim that a woman over a certain age is more likely to be killed by terrorists than to get married. Just an idea that picked up false statistics supporting it at some point.
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