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Default Is it too much to ask for a little break between problems?

So just passed the year mark of being Cancer free. I've been dealing with the side effects since then -fatigue*, had to get dentures since my teeth kept breaking and my favorite- peripheral neuropathy( numbness, tingling and pain in the extremities) which brings with it walking/balance issues(related to the numbness).

I'm on my 3rd med for the last since the first worked pretty good for about 1-2 months but then I began getting massive headaches. The 2nd drug made me forgetful and extremely irritable and short tempered. The third drug doesn't dull the pain as well as the first but it's not an anti-depressant like the first 2. It's hard to tell if it's the med not working as well as the first or if the pain is actually getting worse.

This along with my back issues has made looking for other work nearly impossible since I can't really lift any real weight reliably, my speech is slightly off from the dentures and I can't do anything requiring fine motor control.

My 9 y/o lab mix, Annie, has been limping for a bit and we wondered if it was from the "new" mattress we got last October being several inches higher causing her to jar her shoulders to much. So we took her to the vet and they diagnosed her with bone cancer. It's already spread and they've given her maybe a month. So we have her pain pills and keeping a close eye on her.

I'm honestly at a loss with this. I don't want her to suffer unnecessarily but I don't want to put her down early either. Losing 2 of our cats late last year was bad but this will be just devastating all around. She's been the 'momma-dog' to our small dogs and my nurse/guard dog when really ill.My wife got her as a puppy just before we started dating but I "stole" her (as my wife says) almost immediately. She'd drive my wife crazy by ignoring her commands repeatedly but do just about anything I said the first time.

I'm so full of sadness and anger now that I don't know what to do.

* Hard to tell how much is residual from the chemo and how much is lack of exercise since I get tired really fast trying to do things and the pain.
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