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Side note, I have always wondered if the Gala uniform(in the pic you posted) was originally designed to blend in with the court jesters. Does anyone know? I know they were designed by Jules Repond for the Medici family, utilizing their colors, and know they had jesters at their court during that time, but have not found anything suggesting what I have guessed. That probably answers my own question, but still thought if it were true someone here might know...
According to Wikipedia:
The official dress uniform is of blue, red, orange and yellow with a distinctly Renaissance appearance. Commandant Jules Repond (19101921) created the current uniforms in 1914. While both Michelangelo and a painting of the Pontifical Swiss Guard bearing Pope Julius II on a litter (by Raphael) are often cited as inspiration for the Pontifical Swiss Guard uniform, the actual uniforms worn by those soldiers are of the style which appears by today's standards as a large skirt, a common style in uniforms during the Renaissance.
So probably not?
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