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Icon97 Floating babies

Comment: I have been a coach, a swimmer, a swim instructor and and All
American Swimmer...way back in the 70s.

I am hearing about this idiotic website about how babies fall into the
water and learn to flip on their back until rescued. Impossible is my
thought. Babies, like adults when go into panic inhale. If they follow the
'swimming rules' they will inhale water into their lungs and yet all these
well meaning mothers are signing up for these classes. I think it is a
hoax. Red Cross says so too. Children CANNOT be unattended, nor let go of
their parents/guardian until they are at least three. I have had many many
students at age 8-10 who were in these classes and won't go near the
water. I hold them, I gain their confidence and help them. What are the
rumors or are there any?
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