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Originally Posted by A Turtle Named Mack View Post
About 27 tonnes of caramelised brown goat cheese - a delicacy known as Brunost
The goat version is not known in Norway as brunost (should not be capitalized--it just means brown cheese, and this isn't German where you capitalize all nouns). Any version containing goat milk, even a mixed goat and cow milk version, would be called geitost. If it's all goat milk, it can also be referred to as ekte geitost, which means true goat cheese. And in Norway at least, it's not really a delicacy so much as a staple food. It would be like calling cheddar cheese a delicacy in the US.

I also just discovered as I was verifying my info that apparently I'm old. The word I would use is "gjetost" which is pronounced slightly differently, but according to Wikipedia that term is no longer used in Norway. I suspect that has to do with the ongoing government effort to preserve/regulate/merge the two main dialects of Norwegian, Nynorsk and Bokmål, with geitost being a Nynorsk word. I could be wrong about that and it could be just natural language evolution.

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