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Originally Posted by Cervus View Post
I could only see it being true for those small towns where you marry someone you went to high school with simply because there's no one else and people don't leave the area.
Originally Posted by Morrigan View Post
I grew up in a small town and eventually married my crush (who was also my older brother's best friend) after being 'separated' for nearly 15 years.
I recall an "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" quoting that a very large percentage - like 50% - of people living in the US, live only 50 miles away from where they were born. Now that is nearly unheard of here in Arizona, but I've been to smaller towns - mining towns - in Texas, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Washington, Nevada, Kansas, and West Virginia - and that was generally true of the people I met there. By and large, these people that I met were men, and the vast majority of them had, at some point, left town to go to school or to serve in the military. (It seemed like no coincidence, either, that the further inland and land-locked their home town was, that the more likely they were to have served in the navy.) But they also came back to their hometown and settled there.
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