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That would be 4 of every 5 people meeting their spouse by age 16.

None of my family qualify. My siblings and I all met our spouses after graduating from University. My parents met while in University. (But not at University. My aunt parked my Dad on Mom while she checked out some other guy and when she came back it was too late!)

My stepdaughter met her husband after University.

The only pairing I can think of from my high school days are still married but they met when they were 18.

I mean I have a cadre of friends from Jr High and High School. We all still keep in sort-of touch. But only that one couple actually married anyone they met before University.

ETA: Maybe the OP is correct. 82% did meet their spouses at age 16 or older and the other 18% are either never married or met when less than 16 years old.
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