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I know this is an old topic but I'd just to try and clarify something about the "squeeze"...
While diving there are multiple types of squeeze; ear, face, sinus, tooth, lung, stomach and last but far from least, suit squeeze. Out of them all (to my knowledge) suit and tooth squeeze are the only 2 that would not cause death, rather, lots and lots of pain.

In the scenario above, a diver could experience all of the squeezes combined but the body itself (for the most part) would not be compressed due to the water pressure. Ear, face, sinus and lung squeeze combined could cause the diver to vomit while the ears, nose, mouth and eyes bled. The mask squeeze could cause the eyes to bulge out of the head and if the valve gave way quick enough, cause the divers chest to be crushed to fill the air space in the lungs. If the diver had a buildup of gases in the intestines, they could also experience squeeze and possibly expulsion of the bowels through either the rectum or mouth.

Any way you look at it, you'd have a serious mess on your hands but I can't believe that a diver would be sucked up through the hose of the suit or have his/her entire body pulverized to just a few bones and mush due to the pressure.
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