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Originally Posted by rujasu View Post
But she's still an actress -- that's her profession. She's also a student, but I don't see what is inaccurate about diddy's statement.
Nope. While she is at school she is not working her actress job, she is working her student job. Many people seperate their private and professional lives. When I am at home, I am not a Telephone Worker, I am daddy. You phone can stay broken until I start my shift at 8am for all I care.* Unless my employer calls me and I forget to have my wife answer the phone and say I'm not home, I do not want to think about work. I want to enjoy time with my family, or study, or just relax and watch TV. I do not know off the top of my head what number to call for a specific service or what anything costs, or even how to fix common household items (not my job, so I've never been trained to do it). I don't mind if someone asks a question to be social or to open conversation, but people frequently ask me to do things that even if I knew how to do them would be ethical violations ("Can you get me free phone service?" "Can you get me a discount on my bill?" "Can you install a phoneline/jack?" "Can you get me some of the electrical tape from the storage room?"). It is amazing how many people will ask a relative stranger for a favor that could cost me my job.

(*actually, it can stay broken longer than that because I'm not in that deopartment, but that's not my point. )
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