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Witch Emma Watson at Brown

Comment: I work as a folklore archivist at the University of Oregon, and
was talking with my co-workers about going to see the new Harry Potter
movie. Somehow we got on the subject of Emma Watson being at Brown
University. One of the student workers piped up and told this story:

"My friend goes to Brown, and is in a class with Emma Watson. A few days
ago, Watson got a question right, and someone in the back of the room
yelled "10 Points for Gryffindor!" Watson wasn't pleased."

When I heard this, I kept quiet and smiled, as my husband had told me a
few months previously that someone who knew someone in one of her classes
experienced the same thing. I've done a little research online, and it
seems like this story has been circulating for awhile on the web, but
people are claiming they were in the class, they knew someone in the
class, etc... and it is always "the other day" even though the original
story seems to date to almost a year ago. I've also noticed new variations
where Watson "gets pissed and storms out."
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