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Originally Posted by granola shoes View Post
My friend said that's what she did with her coke - it didn't sound like they'd pack it in there, but rather put some in so you get the numbing effect (or something? Like rubbing it on your gums? I dunno; I've never done coke!). She said she would also dip the end in it so she'd smoke some of it.
For the numbing effect, why not just dip your finger in coke and rub your gums, rather than the cigarette? Some people may do it, but it seems pointless to me. Now, dipping the tobacco end into the powder, so that you are smoking it, that has a valid use. It is the easiest way to get a small effect of smoked coke without having a pipe handy.

Even if a couple people dipped the filter end, I am sure it was nowhere near enough to cause a company to make the filter ends hollow for that reason.
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