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Originally Posted by Steve Eisenberg View Post
During the period from AZT being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and Mother Teresa's death (1987 - 1997), there were many investigative journalists in US newspapers that would have jumped on this -- if true.
Even if it is true, it is also important to note that if someone with AIDS is in hospice, the time is well passed for AZT to be useful. Antiretroviral therapies are used to to stave off opportunisitic infections. ARVs can also have many many side effects and when given to someone whose immune system is so compromised as to already have whatever opportunisitic infection they have in order to be in AIDS status instead of HIV+ is probably not particularly good medicine.

Could they have just missed it? I don't see how. The successful wrongful death suits would have been impossible to ignore.
People with AIDS die. AZT does not change that.
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