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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
OK, I have no proof this really happened, but is it possible that just the existence of M. Teresa's "hospitals" in Calcutta, or other places, may have led people with funds and a generous bend, to say, "Hey, let's not build a hospital in Calcutta, there's already one," without looking to see what sort of care was provided, and using the money for something else?

Now, probably the "something else" was a good cause as well, but isn't it possible that the presence of M. Teresa's services prevented people from getting real medical care?

No, that seems absurd. Some of her opponents have attacked her for supposedly making Calcutta look a lot worse than it really is, and you're suggesting that people assumed based on her mere presence that Calcutta was so well off that they didn't need anything else? And on top of that, that these would be people who already knew enough about Calcutta that they were ready to build a hospital there, if only Mother Teresa wasn't there?

Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
I'm not convinced she alleviated any suffereing, except maybe that of lower caste women who became Catholics and joined her order. Their lives probably improved significantly over what they would have been.
I missed this part. No one suffering? So everything I've heard from the people who worked there was just BS?

Oh, and many of the people who work at her homes aren't Catholic at all, so they must either be in on the scam or just doing it for the money, because they certainly aren't in it to make everyone else Catholics.
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