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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
In an AIDS hospice in San Francisco, men were often admitted before they were very sick, but were given no medication, like AZT, and no pain medicine when they really were dying. They were not allowed to have visitors.
During the period from AZT being approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and Mother Teresa's death (1987 - 1997), there were many investigative journalists in US newspapers that would have jumped on this -- if true. The same is true for ordinary newspaper journalists in San Francisco. But there were no such stories. To confirm, try this link, which brings back the lead sentences of all the 1986-2000 news stories, in the Google News Archive, using the search terms "Mother Teresa", "San Francisco", and AIDS:

Could they have just missed it? I don't see how. The successful wrongful death suits would have been impossible to ignore.
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