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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
This is generally true, but we are talking about a special case.

She was doing next to nothing, and had the capability of doing exponentially more, and was receiving financial donations from people for the specific purpose of doing more.

Then, she was not doing less than she could, because rather than volunteer 2 hours at the soup kitchen, she wanted to volunteer one hour, then go home and play Nintendo for one hour. She gave people dying of cancer, TB and AIDS aspirin for their pain, or nothing at all, and told them it was good to suffer, because Jesus liked it, when she could have given them morphine.
I asked a couple pages ago, and you're under no obligation to provide it, but I would like to see the cites for this.

Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
BTW: Catholics on the board-- does the church really go in for suffering like this? I know there are individuals who do, and probably would justify some other way if they were not Catholic, but is this really a doctrine of the church at large?
I'm not Catholic, but my mom and several of my friends are, and I'm not familiar with anything like this. Aren't there plenty of Catholic hospitals?
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