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Originally Posted by AnglRdr View Post
It's a gift to be used by the recipient in any way they see fit.
Well, no. Not always. In many countries, charitable organizations are held accountable for where and how money is spent. To run afoul may see repercussions anywhere from merely paying the money back, to loss of charitable status and business license, to criminal charges for fraud.

Doctors Without Borders, for example, really likes it when people give their donation under the more general categories of "Greatest need" or "Emergency relief" because it allows them more freedom with that money. They are legally prohibited from using donated money for something other than what was specified by the donor. If the donation specifies Congo, that money is only allowed to be spent on their work in that region, even if they are currently in dire need of funds in Haiti.

Whether Missionaries of Charity has ever been bound by any such laws or regulations depends on the jurisdiction of each facility.
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