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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
Is it? If the donor specifies a certain venue for the money, and the recipient acknowledges that it will be used specifically for that, is it ethical for the recipient to use it for just anything?
I cannot concede that the recipient acknowledged it was going to be used for the purpose the donor intended. However, to speculate, sure it's unethical. But it isn't fraud, like you claimed earlier.

But you harbor some grudge because you think she could have done more. You do this without really knowing how much she did. So it is beginning to seem like baseless speculation.

A charitable donation to an organization isn't quite the same thing as a gift, like a birthday gift, or a wedding gift. When my father's life insurance came through, my mother gave me a couple thousand dollars specifically to pay off my car. It was a gift, but it was for something specific, and she would have been within her rights to get mad if I used it to throw a huge party instead.
Again, see 9/11 and the Red Cross. Do you think that if what you're postulating is true that the Red Cross would not have been sanctioned in some way?
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