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Originally Posted by Cervus View Post
In the original book by Dodie Smith, Pongo has a litter of 15 with his mate, Missis. The humans (the Dearlys) call their vet and other dog owners, looking for a possible "foster mother" because Missis doesn't have enough milk. As it happens, one day they find Perdita lying out on a country road, emaciated and abused. She has recently given birth and still has milk left, so she is nursed back to health and then gradually introduced to some of the puppies. There is concern that she and Missis will fight so they're kept separated for some time, but eventually the three adult dogs and 15 puppies get along. (The backstory is that Perdita was treated badly by her original owner and her litter of 8 was sold to Cruella, so she went out looking for them. At the end she is reunited with them.) So there are actually two dog mothers in the original book.
It's been a long long long time since I've read the book. I remember what you said about bringing in a "wet nurse"; I thought Perdita was Pongo's bitch (sorry, had to get in the gratuitous swear), while Missis was the wet nurse. Wouldn't put it past Disney to switch the names to keep the alliteration, though.
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