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How would you tell with an R.E.M. song?

I'm not sure that's it... just listening to the ones I own again (still not cheating?) and the last line of So. Central Rain is "I'm sorry", the last line of Karma Police is "I lost myself", for Cornflake Girl it's "Where'd'you put the keys, girl?" and for America it's "All gone to look for America". Except for Simon & Garfunkel, the rest are complete sentences, I think. (For R.E.M. that must be one of the rare complete sentences in any of their songs from that era!). I don't own Parklife but I think the last lines are a repeat of "Parklife" in a fade.

All those lines are repeated phrases that form a kind of chorus, and it could be something to do with having that as the song structure, but I don't know what the term would be if there is one. (Not hiding this because I don't think I'm giving anything away!) Musicgeek's guess still fits I think, it just seems a little arguable.
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