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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
That is actually a really cool idea, thorny locust.
Thanks, Mouse. I actually have a planet-wide society in my head that effectively does that; but, as I made them up, I can have this have been instituted three thousand years ago by the victors in a war (who didn't want to have another one.)

As I made them up, it also works quite nicely. (Part of the trick is that everybody has to leave home. You can't be a grownup, or marry, or do their equivalent of owning property, until you've left home and gone off somewhere else for at least two years -- leaving whatever privileges you did or didn't have there behind you.) Whether it would prevent wars for three thousand years in people I hadn't made up is another question entirely. However, the fact that I made it up doesn't make it a bad idea. We made up very large parts of the society we're living in, after all.
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