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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post

Actually, I kind of think maybe everybody should be drafted: except that military service should be only one of the options, and no one should have to choose that one. We have lots of other things that need doing, after all. Having everybody spend a couple of years between high school and college working in crews made up of people of all social groups mixed together, and in a different part of the country than they're used to, and doing a variety of jobs they otherwise might not have ever tried, could probably accomplish a lot of good. Whether it would accomplish more good than the arguable harm of insisting on taking those years from people's own choice of what they wanted to do is of course another question.
That is actually a really cool idea, thorny locust. We had similar programs during the Great Depression and I honestly think a lot of people would benefit from something similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps. Probably acquire more useful job skills in that kind of program than I did at college.

I know, a whole lotta thought would have to be put into this, figuring out how all this would work and who would do what, but y'know, it'd be nice if we thought about it, instead of whining about how it's too hard and not doing anything. Things I've Learned Thanks to Arguing with the Right: If a solution doesn't solve a problem forever and institute a utopia, it is wrong and we were foolish to even try.
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