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Comment: I happened upon

I do agree that these tales of parents unknowingly naming their children
ridiculous names can show certain groups in a bad light, and these
forwards are damaging to our society. However, I do remember one specific
example of an (African American?) woman on an Oprah show YEARS AGO--I
believe I was a teenager, so it would've likely been in the 1990's. The
show was about "unusual names" and included guests with strange names, as
well as those in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the longest
name, the name with the most vowels, etc.
Without realizing what she was doing, this guest had named her twin
daughters Ragina (ra GEE na) and Vagina (va GEE na). Of course, when
people would read the girl's name, they pronounced it otherwise and
embarrassed her--Oprah felt bad for her!

I don't know WHY I remembered that after all these years, but I guess it
stuck with me because I felt so bad for the girl. I am 100%
no-doubt-about-it sure it can be found in the Oprah show archives.
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