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Somewhere in the USA, some time during the next year, there will be a major storm that will cause travel problems, power outages, and at least one death.

In some places in the world, farmers will have crop losses due to drought. In other places in the world, farmers will have crop losses due to too much rain. (It is possible that at different times during the same year some farmers may have crop losses due to both reasons.)

Members of one political party will accuse members of an opposition party of behaving in a nefarious fashion for doing the same thing that they excused, or even praised, members of their own party for doing.

At least one cat will do something cute that will get posted on the internet.

There will be multiple days on which I do not succeed in getting everything done that's on that days to-do list. This problem, while it is in part caused by putting more things on any given day's list than can possibly be done in one day, will be aggravated by spending time posting on snopes.
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