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I dont know of this particular case, but it raises an interesting (to me) legal point. IIRC, there have been cases where men were acquitted because they were legitimately asleep during the act, hence didn't have the mens rea to rape.

That sets up a strange duality. The women in the cases were raped, but no one raped them. I almost had a similar experience when my (then and still) ex took ambien for the first and only time. He attempted sex, but I was able to fight him off and convince him to go to sleep. My room had a lock, which I used for the only time that night. When I told him the next morning he was appalled, apologetic, and immediately called his doctor to tell him he would not be continuing that drug, and to phone in a different sleep aid. He returned the pills to the pharmacy for.destruction that evening.

Obviously, he was not.responsible for his actions, and I knew that. His actions when he found out showed that loud and clear. I still felt pretty violated, though.
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