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Goat Moderation tips: subject lines

Subject lines should be sufficiently substantive and relevant to give readers a good idea of what a post is about without having to click through and read it. While I appreciate witty, abstract subject lines as much as anyone, most of us here have too much to read and too little time to do it in to be clicking through threads just to figure out what they're about.

Ideally, subject lines should include both nouns and verbs, as in the following examples:

BAD: Cat problems
GOOD: My cat won't eat anything I feed it
GOOD: Why won't my cat use his litterbox?

BAD: Used cars
GOOD: Need advice on finding a good used car
GOOD: Where can I find price information for used cars?

Also, headline-style subject lines (i.e., ones in which the initial letter of every word is capitalized) should be reserved for the posting of news stories:

BAD: I'm Having Problems With My Youngest Daughter
GOOD: I'm having problems with my youngest daughter
GOOD: Wandering Goat in Missouri Gets Facebook Fan Page

Also, unless you're reproducing news headlines, your subject lines should not end in ellipses. And as I've noted elsewhere, subject lines should end in no more than a single question mark or exclamation point -- not more than one of either, and not a combination of the two.
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