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Thanks for your kind words.

My mom is very close to her 3 sisters. One of them, when I talked about how mom mentioned assisted death, reacted with "You're not gonna let her do that are you!", and my answer was "It's her choice. I will neither lead her to it, nor take her away from it. She's in pain. If she decides it's time, it will be her decision only."

You have to keep in mind that assisted death is fairly new to Canada, and especially "foreign" to my mom's generation. They were taught to never give up, always fight, to the end.

Oddly enough, the same aunt is totally supportive of my mom having indirectly stopped eating, if that's believable. Yesterday, mom's food intake was a piece of toast, today, a small cup of Jello.

I showed up last Monday night (the 20th) and she was still functional, walking about and eating. One week later, she is mostly bedridden. It feels to me that she held out until I arrived and finally decided to let go when I did arrive.

I do very well with her and I'm not particularly emotional around her. But when the occasional family member visits, that's when things get very emotional.

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