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Like Crescent I witnessed a flash flood back in the 70's that sent water through a small creek bed into a parking lot. There was a yellow (funny how you can remember little details like that) VW Beetle that was floating around the flooded parking lot. When the water receded cars were stacked three high at the other end of the lot while the VW was deposited next to the road.

The flash flood was caused by workers trying to drill a tunnel for utilites under the Barge Canal outside Rochester NY. Their calculations wer off by a couple degrees and they breeched the bottom of the canal. On our side the afore mentioned parking lot was the worst of the damage. On the other side of the canal several homes were destroyed.

The only other thing I clearly remember (aside from my father being an ass to the police who had shut down roads in the area) was a young guy looking at a car with two stacked on top of it and crying. His sister had let him take her new car so he could drive to a doctor appointment.
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