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Oh, and why is CUNY-Queens on the "Stone Cold Sober" list? It hardly seems to fit with the other schools which have a strict religious or military affiliation. Is it really more stone-cold sober than, say Bob Jones, Liberty, Regent, or Pensacola Christian College?

And what about the for-profit colleges, or are they not counted? I can't imagine something like ITT Tech or DeVry--places where people who have other things going on in their lives go just to learn to do a job--would be real "party schools"
Yeah, that's weird. I was going to say because the list didn't factor in private schools, but there's Brigham Young on the list. Perhaps it's by student population? Maybe CUNY Queens has a large student population, but no on-campus housing? There's a huge junior college in the Kansas City area (Johnson County Community College) that has about 15,000 students (keep in mind this is just a junior college), but no on-campus housing. I would imagine that would cut down on the partying, or at least the ability to "count" the parties/drinking for the study. But I base this hypothesis on no concrete evidence whatsoever. Oh - and those rules for Pensacola Christian College? Yeowza! Vogue is porn, you can't go to the mall after 5pm, girls have to wear dresses - it's completely fascinating, really.

God, I miss my undergrad experience. So many Busch Lights . . . so much time throwing up in the dorm bathroom. And I went to a Baptist school...
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