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I heard a rather amazing boast: Supposedly the students at West Virginia consume 2% of the nation's alcohol? It seems obviously wrong, but it was so over-the-top that I wondered where it came from. Has anyone else heard it?
Stand back! I will attempt doing math! (And I'm sure there are gross errors abounding)

OK -- according to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, the avergage person drank 25.2 gallons of alcohol in 2004 (that's some average person!)

Assuming a population estimate of 292,801,000 (according to Census data for 2004) that's a total of 7,378,585,200 gallons (drunkards!).

WVU had an estimated student enrollment of 25,000 in 2004.

Therefore, they would have to drink 147,571,704 gallons of alcohol to drink 2% of the national total, or 5903 galloons per person in a year or 16 gallons per day.
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