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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
From what I was told (it originated before my time, even), "NFBSK" originated when some actual British school children became users of the board, and because of that people started labeling "adult" topics "Not for British school kids".
Before almost all of our times, I think. It was an in-joke even when I started posting here in late 1999. (I'd been reading the site since 1996 or 1997 but didn't spot the message board until I had a question to ask). The link Cervus posted from INorden will be as accurate as any.

I hadn't realised that "NSFW" evolved from "NFBSK" either, but it's certainly true that we were using "NFBSK" here for several years before I saw "NSFW", and it's true that for a while "NFBSK" had started to spread elsewhere, such as the Straight Dope boards (I think that was one of them - there was some crossover back then, although I never did more than occasionally lurk there myself).

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