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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I do blame you and people like you for Trump's victory. Is it fair? Maybe not but every vote that did not go to Clinton was a vote for Trump IMO.
Me too - not in Maryland directly perhaps (maybe you knew your state was safe for Clinton and were deliberately trying not to affect the outcome), but the number of posts on Facebook I saw from people intending to vote for third-parties is a big part of the reason I am less surprised than some by Trump's victory. I've mentioned it as a reason I thought it was going to be a lot closer than people thought each time the conversation has come up in the UK; people couldn't understand how Trump could be so popular, but I said I thought he had a fair chance of winning despite my not seeing posts from a single Trump supporter - people were underestimating how divided those who would usually have voted against him were.

If you really do think that a Trump victory is a terrible thing, then you should have voted tactically since splitting the vote was a clear possibility. If it's something you can live with because hey, Trump's not that bad and at least you didn't have to dirty your hands by voting for Hillary Clinton, then you tacitly support him...

At least you will all understand how divisive the Brexit vote has been, now. Not so funny when it's you, is it?

(eta) And yes, I agree it shouldn't be this way and that it's an artefact of the first-past-the-post voting system and so on, and ideally you'd be able to put your preferred candidate as "1" and your less preferred as "2" and leave off Trump altogether, and everybody gets to express their real preferences without tacitly voting for somebody they seriously oppose, but since you know how your voting system works you should have seen that as a possibility.
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