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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
You don't have to see both main party candidates as equally bad in order to not want to vote for either of them. You can have a candidate you loathe, one you dislike, and one you like.

If DawnStorm and every other third party voter in Maryland had voted for Hillary, the results of the election would be exactly the same. Leaving aside the "you must vote against your conscience" issue, her vote could not have made Hillary win no matter what. So where's the blame come from?
The blame comes from the fact that this should have been a rout, and everyone in America who does not want to follow the alt-right down the path of fascism should have understood that and stood up against it. Voting for someone else says, to me, that you think your own conscience is more important than the effect that a Trump presidency will have on people who will bear the brunt of it, and the US' standing in the world. The standing part would be improved by every additional vote for Clinton.

It sucks for DS and others like her, but they should have thought about that before voting. DS knows, deep down, that she is not blameless here - otherwise she wouldn't be asking the question.
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