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Caduceus Fox
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Originally Posted by Danvers Carew View Post
I think it's the Hitler moustache that does it.
I thought that too

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Apologies in advance to Caduceus Fox who asked us to ignore the Chucacabras reference, but looking at the link, isn't a bit extraordinary than Ann the OBGYN nurse managed to spot at least five different Chucacabras's on her routine drive to work, and take 50+ photos, when everyone else who has been actively seeking one has come up with absolutely nothing?
I did notice that a lot of sightings of strange animals/monsters/cryptids are done by either OBGYN nurses or gynecologists. Coincidence? I think not...

Originally Posted by Cervus View Post
I'm going to vote "fox with mange" on this one despite the cliche. For those who are interested, here is a real fox with mange. Red foxes are more prone to it and grey foxes rarely seem to get it. It's quite possible that this is a mixed-breed dog (it's definitely not any registered breed) that appears cat-like because of the angle of the photo. But it's just not completely dog-like and not completely cat-like, which - assuming this picture is indeed from the southern U.S. - leaves only the fox.
I was thinking fox with mange too. Foxes with mange make me sad.

Originally Posted by Lady Neeva View Post
If you look at the other picture on the source page, it looks even more cat-like -- and not even particularly hairless. And rather badly shopped to resemble an "infrared" picture... which I find difficult to believe, because if the infrared photography turned the grass red... why did it leave the ferns green LOL.
I noticed that too, and it struck me as odd. I thought it was bad 'shopping too.

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All articles by Prentiss Findlay, of The [Charleston, SC] Post & Courier, unless noted otherwise.

-- Bonnie

The National Geographic ran an article on a simliar fox seen near Fuquay-Varina, NC. Take a look at the creature there.
A-ha! So it's a hairless fox (and why didn't I ever think of searching the news ) No wonder I was drawn to figuring out what it was

-Fox (Now with more hairless genes!)
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