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Computer YouTube Introduces YouTube Red, a Subscription Service

YouTube executives on Wednesday [21 October 2015] introduced YouTube Red, a long-anticipated subscription service that will cost $10 a month for the same videos ad-free. The company simultaneously announced YouTube Originals, a slate of original programming that will be available only on the paid service.
And this part of the article was prophetic:
Some media executives, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they felt pressured to participate in the new service. The executives said YouTube had implied that if they didn’t provide content for subscribers, there was a chance their ad-supported content would not be available on YouTube in the United States.
When YouTube Red went live ESPN pulled all of its content from YouTube.

ESPN’s video channels on YouTube have all gone dark and its clips are all being removed, as a result of what a YouTube spokesman called “rights and legal issues.” At least for now, it seems, ESPN and YouTube have decided to go their separate ways.
The launch of YouTube Red has also blocked dozens of Japanese and Korean artists in the US. I found this out the hard way when I discovered several of my playlists that had worked fine before no longer work now.
Originally Posted by BrianB View Post
Now, I've never enabled monetization (i.e., I don't have ads on my videos), which I assume explains why I haven't received the email. However, I assume a general email will to out all YouTube users when this gets close to going live.
Never got an email. In fact, I didn't realize that YouTube Red had gone live until I lost access to those videos in my playlists.

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