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Israel Dead Sea sunburning

I have read claims that one can be in the sun much longer near the Dead Sea without burning than at most other locations. Some claims have said it is impossible to burn there, but I saw at least one testimonial of a person who said s/he burned after four-hours of midday, midsummer sun there, and I tend to accept that the protection from burning UV would not be absolute. The reasons I have read for the supposed protection are 400 meters more atmosphere generally, additional ozone protection and additional carbon dioxide protection. While I would expect 400 meters extra atmosphere, particularly the much denser atmosphere there, would give some protection, it seems unrealistic to think it would be too dramatically greater. The claims for ozone and carbon dioxide are another matter. One commenter scoffed that the ozone claim was equal to a claim that the stratosphere was thicker over the Dead Sea. Nonsense there is ozone in the troposphere as well, and just like carbon dioxide, it would tend to gather at the bottom of bowl valleys like the Dead Sea is in because those two molecules are substantially heavier (weights of 48 for ozone and 40 for CO2, compared to the other common molecules, nitrogen at 14, oxygen as O2 at 16 and water vapor at 10). Is there a substantially higher concentration of O3 and CO2 in the Dead Sea (and other bowl valleys, especially those below sea level), and do they provide substantial protection from UV damage?
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