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Originally Posted by 1958Fury View Post
This is a little embarrassing, but lately I've been on a lesbian romance kick. Not erotica (though some of them do have an explicit scene or two, making me wonder where the line is drawn), but more like fluffy romantic comedy/drama. For most of my life I thought I hated romantic fiction, but recently I discovered that it wasn't the romance that bothered me - it was the men. Not that I dislike men, but I can't relate to them, nor can I relate to wanting them.

I just finished reading "Solve for i" by A. E. Dooland. It's about a woman who had always considered herself straight, but has recently been developing an unhealthy crush on her best friend (who is straight, pregnant, and in a relationship). What really hit home with me was the portrayal of protagonist's crippling social anxiety. It's written in first person, so you can see her thought process during every social interaction. Whenever anyone tries to engage her in conversation, she goes over all the possible responses in her head, rejecting each one out of fear of being wrong, and most of the time just ends up saying nothing.

Sadly enough, I have never related to a fictional character more. There were times when even I felt like shouting, "Just say it already! Your silence is making the situation worse than anything you could possibly say!" But then I would realize that I probably would have done the same thing. The author really nails what itís like to be inside my head. It's also the first book that's made me cry in 25 years.
I actually tried reading Rage: A Love Story. I havenít known anyone in an abusive relationship, but I still stopped in disgust. Donít get me wrong, itís amazing and likely an honest depiction, but dear god the character of Reeve is horrible (and the book doesnít sugarcoat).
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